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The Villainous Role Your Blood Sugar Plays

Source: Reader’s Digest

Your body needs blood sugar. Like gas in a car, it’s the fuel that makes you go. Without it, your life would quickly grind to a halt.

But when your gas tank is full, you don’t need any more fuel. There’s no point in pouring gasoline all over the upholstery, the steering wheel, and the dashboard!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’re doing when your blood sugar gets too high. And over time, you can imagine what this does to your health.

Diabetes, of course, is the best known disease caused by high blood sugar. But scientists are coming to realize that diabetes is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hazards of uncontrolled blood sugar.

High blood sugar affects your eyes, your nerves, your heart, your brain, and your kidneys. It raises your cholesterol and triglycerides. It triggers inflammation which, in turn, leads to heart disease.

But there’s a simple solution to help reduce all these risks: Get your blood sugar under control!