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Anti-Inflammatory Herbs…Designed By Nature

Author: Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Some of these herbal remedies are very effective immediately to help you to feel better, others may work more slowly. Many of these are powerful herbs for joint pain, as they have a natural anti-inflammatory action that may help to reduce the swelling of arthritis.
Often this strong anti-inflammatory action is extremely effective to help you if you have areas where inflammation is causing pain. As many of these are immune system herbs, they may also help to boost the immune system and you will find that after a while as your immune response strengthens your entire health and well-being is improved.

Anti Inflammatory Herbs List

The following are some of the anti inflammatory herbs that you may find in natural herbal remedies:

Boswellia Serrata is one of the anti inflammatory herbs, and its active ingredients are referred to as boswellic acids. The boswellic acids have an excellent anti-inflammatory action and are thought to work by stopping inflammatory white cells from entering damaged tissues. This herb is particularly helpful to aid arthritis. It is a natural pain killer and is known as one of the better anti-arthritic herbs, and is often combined with Turmeric in herbal pain relief remedies. Boswellia extract is also an excellent remedy to help inflammation in the gut…and is specifically useful to aid Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Cats Claw  This herb has a good effect to help to boost the immune system as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. Cats Claw Herb will help the body to heal a number of other health issues…as this herb contains alkaloids that are known to aid allergies and help the respiratory system. It is a remedy for healing leaky gut and also helps with the healing of ulcers, gastritis, candida and hemorrhoids.

Turmeric Many of you may know turmeric as you may have used it for cooking, but it is also an excellent healing herb…and it is one of the most powerful of the anti-inflammatory herbs. Turmeric as anti an inflammatory has a powerful action that is known to help many health issues including osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

This is one of its more powerful actions…as by aiding inflammation it may help the body to heal many health issues.

Because of its anti-inflammatory action, turmeric extract is known to be one of the more helpful herbal remedies to assist the pain of Fibromyalgia…which is associated with chemical sensitivity.

Ginger Root Extract Although many of you may know ginger best as a spice used in cooking, there are a number of health benefits of ginger root, foremost is its excellent anti inflammatory effects for arthritis, as it creates an improvement in pain levels.

The active ingredients in Ginger are called gingerols. These make Ginger a powerful anti inflammatory, with an ability to inhibit the formation of the elements causing inflammation, including sinus inflammation causing sinus headache symptoms.

If you have had trouble moving without pain, taking a remedy made from Ginger will help to improve pain levels long term, and produce enhanced ease of movement in joints.

An extract of made from the root of the Ginger plant is used to create extremely effective herbal remedies for allergic rhinitis or spring allergies. It is often an ingredient of Chinese herbal remedies for allergy, as it is not only one of the anti-inflammatory herbs but is also an expectorant, is one of the antiviral herbs and aids respiratory problems by dilating the bronchial tubes, and helps sinus infections.