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Acid Reflux

Source: Health and Nutrition Express

General Suggestions for Acid Reflux Reduction:

· Avoid eating large meals.

· Don’t wear tight clothing that puts pressure on the abdomen.

· Smoking and alcoholic drinks increase reflux.

· Limit high-fat foods as much as possible.  Other trigger foods include coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits and dairy products.  These trigger foods are unique to each individual and some of them may be tolerated.

· If overweight, losing weight generally reduces reflux.

· Wait 2-3 hours after eating before lying down.

· Sleep with your head and torso elevated 4-6 inches.  There are therapeutic wedge pillows available specifically for this purpose.

Specifically to reduce acid reflux when taking medications or food supplements, try eating ½ banana after taking your capsules.  For Diabetics, the banana should be accounted into your daily carbohydrate consumption, so as not to raise your blood sugar.