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Supplements That Care For Your Heart

Author: Allan Magaziner, D.O.
Source: All Natural Cardio Cure

Coenzyme Q10 is found in large concentrations in heart muscle because the heart requires a great deal of energy to function effectively. This has led scientists to research the possibility that coenzyme Q10 supplementation might have a positive effect on cardiovascular function, and many clinical studies indeed support this contention. Coenzyme Q10 supplements have been found to bring improvements in the cardiac function of people with congestive heart failure and angina. It helps to stabilize cardiac membranes responsible for the heart’s electrical conduction system, thereby preventing or rectifying arrhythmias. People treated with coenzyme Q10 prior to bypass surgery have been found to have better surgical outcomes than those who do not receive this type of supplementation. In addition, coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant in its own right. It works synergistically with other antioxidants, yielding a more powerful process. It has even been successful in reducing high blood pressure. And here’s a nice little benefit: Coenzyme Q10 has been associated with healing of periodontal disease. Remember that gum disease can contribute to the inflammatory process.

Levels of coenzyme Q10 tend to drop with advancing age, so you may need to take higher doses as you get older. Additionally, if you are taking or have ever taken statin drugs, your concentrations of coenzyme Q10 could be lower in your bloodstream and heart muscles, so it is especially important for you to use this supplement. Some consumer groups are advocating for a warning to be put on the label of statin drugs, informing consumers that they must supplement with coenzyme Q10 if they are using these medications.