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The Power Of Natural Supplements

Author: Steven V. Joyal, M.D.
Source: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes, An Innovative Program To Treat And Beat This Controllable Disease

Some of the most exciting – and underutilized – advancements being made in the optimization of healthy blood glucose metabolism involve the use of natural supplements. Ongoing research by innovative scientists is regularly uncovering new options for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases, especially regarding the use of certain nutraceuticals. New studies continue to support the favorable impact of supplementation with specific nutraceuticals on gene expression and the enhancement of healthy blood sugar metabolism at a molecular level. Many of the studies focus on the use of nutraceuticals to support beta-cell function, insulin sensitivity, and healthy blood glucose levels. Some of these supplements have a special synergy with prescription medications. Thus we believe it is vitally important to incorporate nutraceuticals into our strategy to support metabolic function, based on your individual needs.

We will discuss the role of the most effective scientifically investigated supplements and help you identify which supplements may most benefit you. We have divided the supplements into four basic categories (beta-cell health; insulin sensitizers; antiglycation agents; and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents) that mirror the key factors involved in metabolic dysfunction. Understand that the divisions are somewhat artificial, given that nutraceuticals have a fair degree of crossover and complementary effects and health benefits.

As always, talk to your doctor before you begin any nutraceutical program, especially if you are taking any type of medication.