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Simple Tips To Relieve The Holiday Stress

Author: Cindy Kimura, Bella Diabetes Editor

You have to buy presents for Uncle Henry and Aunt Sue, you have to do the Christmas cards and get them out. Then there is the next week of holiday events you must attend. Where do you find exercise in there?

As a diabetic, diet and exercise go hand in hand, however you may find yourself preoccupied with all the parties, shopping and holiday guests during this time of year. But remember you are in control, not the other way around. What can you do?

You can put yourself first on the ‘to do’ list. Why you? Because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? First off, make it a priority to make some time in the day for exercise. How? Am I crazy?

Follow these few simple opportunities to enhance both your physical and mental well being.

1. Take the stairs at the mall and not the escalator. The plus is you get to avoid some of the crowds. Most people during this time of year favor escalators and elevators.

2. Have to deliver paperwork to someone in your office? Take the stairs. There you have more exercise in your day and improve your attitude too.

3. Park a little further away at your work. Yes, it maybe inconvenient but you will again have added just a bit more exercise.

4. Schedule your exercise time. Exercise is a priority and necessity. Remember you are important. What good is it if you are in a foul mood from not exercising?

5. Walk the mall a few times before you begin your ‘shopping’. Just another way of building up exercise and releasing the ever present holiday tension.

6. Make time to relax. Take a breather between holiday events and errands. This will help relieve some stress and lower your blood sugar to boot.

Remember to eat healthy before going to any parties. Your host or hostess may not know of your dietetic needs and you really don’t want to put the pressure on them. If needed ask if they mind if you bring something.

Have a safe and sane Holiday Season.