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Is There A Benefit From Using Fish Oil Supplements As An Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer?

Author: Dan Ho

The heart and brain benefits of fish oils rich in omega 3 are becoming increasingly well known. And now fish oil supplements as anti-inflammatory and pain killer is another benefit being added to an already long list.

This article will explain how fish oil may benefit you in this capacity.

Many diseases now have been shown to be linked to inflammation. For example, take the case of arthritis. In a great many cases of arthritis, the pain is caused by inflammation of the joints. Whether it’s in your hands, knees, elbows or elsewhere.

Of course, there are other conditions associated with inflammation as well, including tendonitis, and bursitis.

Many people, especially after all of the recent news in the last few years, that some of the prescription pain killers for arthritis (COX-2 inhibitors) were actually causing death, have now turned to fish oil supplements as anti-inflammatory and pain killer to help control their condition.

Keep in mind that omega 3 fatty acids (of which quality fish oil is one of the best natural sources) is a potent anti-inflammatory. Because it can help counter the inflammation that can cause pain, many people do in fact report pain relief.

Studies show that people with a moderate case of certain types of arthritis where the inflammation isn’t severe benefit the most. In very severe cases, the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil may not be enough to bring substantial relief.

However, because the omega 3 fats in fish oils have so many health benefits, in my opinion, the vast majority of people should be using them on a daily basis anyway.

If you suffer from angina or are already on some type of blood thinner, however, speak to your doctor first before beginning supplementation.