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A Natural Approach to Diabetes

Author: Dr. Farhang Khosh
Excerpt from: Specific Nutrient Supplementation

Vitamin B6
— As the coenzyme pryidoxal phosphate, B6 plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, therefore B6 has been associated with impairments in gluconeogenesis and abnormal glucose intolerance.1 B6 prevents diabetic neuropathy and inhibits glycosylation. Many diabetics have low blood levels of B6.2 Levels are even lower in diabetics with nerve damage.3 The clinical response to therapeutic doses of B1 and B6 were determined in diabetic patients with clinical, symptomatic peripheral neuropathy after four weeks of treatment. The results showed that pain reduced in 88.9%, numbness in 82.5%, paresthesia in 89.7% and signs of peripheral neuropathy decreased in 48.9% of patients.4

Vitamin B12 — Prevents and treats diabetic neuropathy.5 In an open, multicentric observational study involving 234 doctors in private practices, the evolution of symptoms and the tolerability of a vitamin B preparation used as treatment in 1,149 patients with polyneuropathy, neuralgia, radiculopathy and neuritis associated with pain and paresthesia, were observed. Under treatment, there was a clear improvement in these symptoms observed in 69% of the cases.6

Inositol — Improves diabetic neuropathy.7 Inositol is needed for normal nerve function. Diabetes can cause nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy, which may be reversed by inositol supplementation.

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