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Prostate “Remedy of Choice” (Saw Palmetto)

Author: Jean Carper
Source: Miracle Cures

It’s at least as good as common prescription drugs and will probably leave you a whole lot happier.

If you’re a man over age fifty, the chances are fifty-fifty that you have an enlarged prostate, medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and the odds escalate as you grow older. It’s no picnic. A swollen prostate gland, typically two to three times normal size, can squeeze your urethra, interfering with normal urination. Symptoms range from annoying – getting up frequently at night to urinate – to serious: pain from obstruction of urinary flow and trouble with erections. It is a nonmalignant condition.

You can cure it several ways. You can have surgery, which is very effective but carries the risk of incontinence or impotence. You can take prescription drugs that may or may not work but can also depress your libido and make you impotent. You can try various therapies, such as laser or microwave, to zap or vaporize unwanted prostate tissue. You can just “watch and wait,” as some physicians advise, to avoid drugs and surgery as long as possible. You may also get rid of the symptoms by taking a berry extract, a successful treatment widely used in Europe, that costs about one-third as much as conventional drugs and has virtually no risk of side effects. It has worked for millions of men.

How Quickly Does It Work?

Surprisingly, studies find that saw palmetto can bring rapid relief – within twenty-eight days, according to one study that used 320 milligrams daily. Compare that with the drug Proscar; which usually does not produce noticeable benefits until taken for six months to a year. However, the benefits of saw palmetto usually accumulate, so using it longer predicts greater improvement. Nationally recognized naturopathic doctor Donald Brown of Seattle advises his patients to take 320 milligrams of saw palmetto daily for at least four to six weeks to see if it’s working. If so, count on its being a part of your life from then on, he says.

The Safety Factor

What makes saw palmetto popular with doctors and other health practitioners is the virtual lack of side effects and toxicity. A few cases of stomach upset and intestinal bloating have been reported. As far as anyone knows, no acute or long-term toxicity exists. Nor is there evidence of interactions with prescription drugs.